“Harmful words” .. the first comment from the Doctors Syndicate on the talk of Hossam Mowafi

02:02 PM

Sunday 19 June 2022

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

Dr. Ahmed Hussein, a member of the General Syndicate of Physicians and a psychiatrist, warned of the negative impact of Dr. Hossam Muwafi’s statements on increasing the suffering of psychiatric patients during the coming period.

Dr. Hossam Mowafi, Professor of Critical Cases at the Faculty of Medicine, Kasr Al-Aini, said during the presentation of the program “My Lord Increase Me Knowledge”, which is broadcast on Sada Al-Balad channel, that the Egyptian patient does not accept his frankness with mental illness, while a person who is faithful and close to his Lord does not suffer from mental illnesses, Which sparked widespread controversy during the past hours.

Hussein said in statements to Masrawy: “The words that Dr. Hossam says is incorrect, and we did not learn it in psychiatry and did not see it, and there are many people who go to mosques or churches and suffer from mental illnesses.”

He explained that the impact of these statements may harm many psychiatric patients, and promote the “idea of ​​controversy and sorcery,” adding: “The psychiatric patient reads that a great professor like Dr. Religiously they view their illness as an illusion, and therefore this leads to an increase in the symptoms of the disease, as well as the stigma of mental illness.”

Hussein stressed that mental illness is an “organic disease” such as diabetes, stress or any other disease, and the patient must undergo a specialist according to a treatment program.

In turn, Dr. Iman Salama, a member of the Doctors Syndicate, criticized Dr. Hossam Muwafi’s statements, saying: “It is a real regret that what was mentioned in the video of Dr. Hussam Muwafi’s episode, harmful words for psychiatric patients who will be stigmatized that they are far from our Lord and are required to visit elders, read the Qur’an and tell his life because They are treated for personality disorders or depression.

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And she added, through her account on Facebook today, Sunday: “Assuming that there is an inverse relationship between religion and any disease that is fatal to society… Diseases are not a punishment from our Lord for the disobedient and their treatment is linked to the request for medication and treatment from doctors.”

Earlier, Dr. Mumtaz Abdel-Wahab, President of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association, revealed that Dr. Hossam Mowafi communicated with him to clarify his statements regarding the non-affliction of “a believer who is close to his Lord with mental illnesses”, which sparked widespread controversy during the past hours.

And “Abdul Wahab” said in statements to Masrawy, “Dr. Hossam Muwafi contacted me this morning to clarify his statements, and he said I did not say this, and he will go out to explain the whole matter.”

He added, “He said that the media had dealt with this word incorrectly and it was unreasonable for me to say such words and thus the matter would be closed.”

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