Harrods owners sign a Spanish businesswoman in London


The Spanish entrepreneur, Babel Aragón, has joined forces with the Royal Family of Qatar, owner of the Harrods stores, to create a joint venture. Al-Thani & Aragon it will be the name of the new project that aims to generate new employment opportunities between Spanish and Qatari businessmen. The Spanish-Qatari alliance It is created with the objective of “accelerating and facilitating Spanish and Qatari companies and entrepreneurs business opportunity generation, relationships and investments. ” The company is based in London.

Al-Thani & Aragón will facilitate business relations between Spain and Qatar

The main purpose of Al-Thani & Aragón is none other than to facilitate the business connection between Spain and the country of Middle East. The joint project has been set as a goal favor business relations between the different Qatari and Spanish companies.

The young Spanish has been with the business initiative known as Classmakers for over 14 years. Aragon has always had a clear intention to break into the international market. That is why he ventured to create a company that could offer business marketing services, with the aim of promoting Spanish internalization in the Arab world and vice versa. With headquarters in Madrid Y Paris, the Spanish company has ongoing business with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The billionaire Al-Thani family has invested more than 50,000 million dollars in London

For its part, the Sheikh Mansoor Jasim Al-Thani It has a large number of properties in its name throughout Europe. Specifically, the Qatari royal family, has in London Big and famous companies. And is not for less. The Al-Thani family has invested in the British capital more than 50,000 million dollars. The multimillion dollar family owns, for example, the luxury shopping complex Harrods Y The shard, the tallest skyscraper in all of Europe. In addition, they have participation in the famous financial center of London, Canary Wharf, and have the 25% of the extensive supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.


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