Harry repented: “My neighbors no longer greet me, around me total emptiness. Maybe Meghan was right”

“But I’m the Duke of Sussex! In fact, I’m Prince Harry! How is it possible that copies of my book are not selling?”. It comes to imagine, for the ‘escort son’ of King Charles and Lady Diana as he defines himself, this all-Californian scene. Which is also a little tender. In Montecito, ten thousand inhabitants near the very elegant Santa Barbara where Harry and his wife live, his “Spare” does not sell. Yes, that book that in Europe covers even the subway tunnels with advertising giants. “Maybe my wife was right and I have to be more cautious”Harry vented on TV. Right where he lives with Meghan, the copies sold are so few that the embarrassment must be difficult to hide. But there is an even worse twist: “My neighbors no longer greet me, a total emptiness around me”, vents the prince. Millions of copies sold, with the world’s spotlight already on them for months before the publication of the 540-page tome. But in the charming place where the couple lives, among billionaire villas, colonial-style swimming pools, luxury to spy on among the crevices that the fronds leave to the curious tourist, solitude and glacial gazes reign.

Was the breaking of relations with the family too serious an affront for the often somewhat puritanical mentality of stars and stripes? Harry and his wife’s riches and lifestyle are still not up to the job, where economic status reigns supreme? Meanwhile, Prince Harry has to cash in. No, not the proceeds from sales at the place of residence, but a bitter surprise: “The only bookstore in the country did not put the book on display, we are surrounded by ice. And he admits: “Maybe Meghan was right, I should have pondered the consequences more”. But how? Is her wife, who has gone down hard since the interview with Oprah Winfrey on her relationship with the Royal House, now an inspirer of wisdom and moderation?

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In the luxurious Californian neighborhood where many stars live Mary Sheldon manages the Tecolate library. Confirm to Guardian to have sold just thirty copies. The reason? The bookseller has a precise idea: “I think most people here think of it as a soap opera”. She’s not entirely wrong. The plot is captivating: there is the Crown, there is the tragedy of Diana, there is the King who makes jokes about Harry’s secondary role since birth. And there is, of course, the evil stepmother. Now queen consort.

But, explains the Guardian, this is also the consequence of the “tacit code of silence” that the city maintains around its famous residents. They also live here Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow e la coppia Katy Perry e Orlando Bloom. What all Montecito residents value most is privacy. “The vast estates – writes the newspaper – including the Riven Rock property where Harry and Meghan live are hidden behind walls and hedges two stories high that keep the paparazzi out while retaining book-worthy views of the ocean.”

But if things in the States don’t go quite as planned, in the UK it’s even worse. Let’s talk about popularity ratings. If William and Kate don’t soar, Harry and Meghan are at an all-time low. There is a survey done by YouGov which reveals: only 26 per cent of Britons have a positive opinion of the prince. We sank to the lowest level since 2011. In that year, the market research firm began monitoring the royal family. And today two-thirds of Britons, 64 percent, have a very bad opinion of Harry, fifth in line to the throne. And if the prince thought he was getting the British to side with him, well, he was dead wrong. A lot of hype in the first days. But then no benefit in personal account, just the proceeds from the sale.

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Of course: the controversies have also damaged the image of William e Kate. But they remain firm in the head. They are the most loved, even in the United States. Will it be like this in the future too? Because Harry’s offensive isn’t over. King Charles confided to his friends: “My son has three more books in store. Whether the former failed to destroy us, we don’t know about the others. I have to get it back.” There is talk of a summons to court. Before the coronation.

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