Harry, William, Kate and Meghan will meet for the first time since the split


Prince Harry and Meghan will meet in public face to face with Prince William and Kate on Sunday of memories, for the first time since their break was revealed.

Last night frantic plans were launched to ensure that the meeting proceeds "smoothly" with the hope that the touching event will pave the way for the "reflection" of the family, according to The Sun.

Reportedly, Prince Charles is angry that Harry seems to be growing apart from the rest of the royalty.

The Sunday of memories, November 10th, will mark the first time that all the major royals have gathered since family relationships were laid bare in the ITV documentary last Sunday, presented by News at Ten anchor Tom Bradby, a friend of Harry.

Prince Charles is expected to lay a crown on the cenotaph on behalf of himself and the queen.

A source said: "The Palace staff is ready to ensure that the family comes together to pay tribute and that attention is paid to the brave souls who have lost their lives for their country.

"Remembrance Day is a particularly touching event for all members of the royal family, but especially for Prince Harry who served in Afghanistan.

"C & # 39; is a general sense of hope that this day will put things in perspective and allow senior family members to reflect on what the important things in life are."

It is said that the queen wants William, 37 and Harry, 35, to overcome any problems and concentrate on their strong family ties.

They could see each other in a few days if they fly to Japan for the Rugby World Cup final.

In the documentary, Harry and Meghan: an African journey, Harry mentioned a fracture with William and said they were on "different paths".

Meghan, 38, also banged her British upper lip as "damaging", prompting sources close to William to suggest that the couple was "fragile".

The Duchess of Sussex has also stated that she is not "of agreement" with what she sees as a criticism from the media.


Following speculation that Prince Harry and Meghan could move to Canada, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to be considering moving to the United States for large parts of the year.

The upcoming work stoppage in California of the ailing couple is seen as a test for a potential future move.

Sussex is believed to be considering a number of places where they could constitute a second base.

The hunt for the home in the States comes because they have cooled down in a permanent move in South Africa, which was the main venue previously considered.

But we can reveal that a move in the United States concerned the staff working for the queen, Prince Charles and the royal highs who fear that it may precede an official exit from the family.

A real source has revealed: "This is an acceptance that things have not gone full time with Sussex full time in Windsor, so they can have a second base in America."


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A Sussex spokeswoman did not comment on the plans for an American move.

But a source close to the couple said: "The Duke and the Duchess will spend some time in the family towards the end of the year, once their diary commitments have been completed.

"We are not sure at the moment, but it will probably be spent between the United Kingdom and the United States. Any further deduction on their plans is pure speculation."

This story first appeared in The Sun and was republished here with permission.



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