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The 24-hour series of Global Citizen Live concerts, which take place in several world cities, started on Saturday.


26.09.2021 11:00

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Prince Harry and Meghan attended the Global Citizen Live concert.

British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan met with UN High Representative Amina Mohammed on Saturday at the organization’s New York headquarters. Its largest meeting, the general meeting, is currently underway, the AP news agency reminded. The couple from the British royal family came to the UN headquarters and talked to Deputy Secretary-General Mohammed. Later, all three appeared at the Global Citizen Live concert in New York’s Central Park.

Their joint performance on stage was marked by a clear message – we are one whole. Prince Harry, in particular, sent a clear message to her wife through his behavior – I stand firmly with her and everything. According to Harper’s Bazaar magazine on its website, the crowd was amazed when Harry called Meghan on stage with the words “my wife” and they held hands. They exchanged hugs in front of the cameras and the audience, and Harry said more seriously, “My wife and I believe that where we are born should not dictate our ability to survive.”

According to the mentioned magazine, all these loving expressions are not a coincidence. With this speech, Prince Harry wanted to send a very clear message – I am standing next to my wife. Not in front of her or behind her.

Prince Harry and Meghan attended the Global ... concert

Prince Harry and Meghan attended the Global ... concert

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The 24-hour series of Global Citizen Live concerts, which take place in several world cities, started on Saturday. Popular singers such as Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish and BTS want to draw attention to climate change, the uneven distribution of vaccines and poverty in the world. “It was a beautiful meeting,” Meghan said as she left the UN headquarters.

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The UN issued a statement saying that Mohammmed praised the couple for promoting a fair distribution of vaccines around the world, and emphasized that they both shared priorities with the UN, such as climate, women’s economic empowerment, youth involvement and mental health.

The United Nations (UN) has just held an annual general meeting with world leaders, although the couple did not address it.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, has been involved in the work of a UN agency that supports women. For several years, Meghan “advocated women’s participation in politics and leadership.” Harry visited the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in New York in 2010.

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During the week, Harry and Meghan visited, among other places in New York, the school, the World Trade Center (WTC) skyscraper, and the 9/11 Museum. By attending the concert, Meghan and Harry supported a balanced distribution of vaccines. The event lasts 24 hours and is full of music stars. It takes place from New York or Paris to Lagos in Nigeria and Seoul in South Korea.

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