News Harsh words after failed preformation: "Every time it is...

Harsh words after failed preformation: “Every time it is the liberals who plummet” and “tragic Lachaert”

“Now we have to look into what will be possible. You hear all kinds of things. I have already heard the Lachaert-Nollet slope, but also Bouchez-Almaci.” And which formula should there be? An extension of the Wilmès government? “I hear from the socialists that they will not get in there.”

In any case, they will have to keep trying, because the fear of elections is very great, Vansevenant knows. “Everyone assumes that Vlaams Belang will achieve a huge score. That will play a role. On the French-speaking side, the PTB may be doing a good thing about that.”

“So I don’t think there will be a majority to trigger those early elections.

Listen to the conversation with Johny Vansevenant in “The World Today”:


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