Hartz IV: The employment center is so brutal against the unemployed – the excitement of statistics – politics


Since then the SPD open the abolition of Hartz IV calls for a debate on the future of basic security. So far, the Union has opposed the reform, underlining the success of Gerhard Schröder's labor market reform. Critics such as the left criticize, however, that the system is inhuman.

The reason for this statement are among other things the penalties, which are a thorn in the eyes of many. As brutal sanctions can affect the recipients of Hartz IV, a man from Erfurt has lived in the first person.

The recipient of Hartz IV did not want to work and was sanctioned

The man had a clear idea of ​​his new job: he wanted to sell. What is the Erfurt Jobcenter Hartz IV recipients it was, but it was a work in the warehouse of a large fashion mail order.

The unemployed had an education in the storage area. The work could then adapt and be reasonable – at least this was the mediator in thought job Center,

But the man wanted to sell and refused the offer. Later he also renounced the option of an internship as a seller. The result: the work center cut it short Unemployment benefits II first for three months of 30% and immediately thereafter for another three months of 60%.

Hartz IV: how much reduction is legitimate?

If such sentences are legitimate with Hartz IV, it will soon be decided by the Federal Constitutional Court
– in the specific case of Thuringia, but also in general. It is less the amount with which the unemployment benefit II is reduced.

It concerns the fundamental question, if Hartz IV it can be abbreviated at all In 2017, the employment center reduced the benefits of 34,000 Hartz IV recipients.

The sanctions laid down in the social code II are set out in clause 31. Some earlier pages, however, also state that government-funded income tax should guarantee livelihood. May the state, even if only for a short time, be inferior to that of needy people subsistence to pay?

Serious rebuke of the left

This is not the only controversy since the German Supreme Court deals with it. The discussion has accompanied Hartz's laws since its introduction 14 years ago. Therefore, the SPD proposes changes. In his new welfare state program, he wants to "abolish inappropriate and unworthy sanctions".

The left goes further and wants to eliminate the punishment altogether. They were "an attack on human dignity" as a party leader Katja Kipping He says. Even more: Kipping accuses the federal government and the Federal Employment Agency, the Number of recipients of Hartz IV wrongly punished display.

"The practice of sanctions is still pampered," he told our editors. Human suffering and injustice inflicted on human beings have long been known. "But now we see that apparently the number of those affected has been underestimated".



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