Has a Golden Toilet, This Policeman Arrested for Being Involved in a Bribery Mafia Network

The golden toilet belongs to the Head of the Traffic Police in Russia, Colonel Alexei Safonov, who is involved in a ring of bribe recipients. (Source: Alexander Khinstein Telegram Via The Moscow Times)

STAVROPOL, KOMPAS.TV – The head of the Traffic Police in Russia, Colonel Alexei Safonov, who is accused of leading a mafia network that takes bribes, turns out to have a golden toilet.

This was revealed after the Russian Investigative Committee (ICR), conducted a search of his luxury home in Stavropol, Russia.

The ICR revealed on Tuesday (20/7/2021) that it had uncovered a multimillion-ruble bribery scheme run by dozens of senior traffic police officers.

Apart from Safonov, six other people were arrested in the ICR raid.

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Safonov’s predecessor, Alexander Arznukhin, was also among those arrested.

Quoted from Independent, the ICR revealed, the group is a network of recipients of bribes for fake licenses.

The permit allows truck drivers to disobey regional laws and pass through police checkpoints unhindered with a load of grain and unauthorized building materials.

Member of Parliament from the United Russia Pro-Kremlin Party, Alexander Khinshtein said what the Safonov gang was doing was like a mafia network.

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