has muted the word ‘GTA 6’ on YouTube

However, users have found other ways to remind the developer that they want a new game.

I don’t know if you know a game that has hardly been talked about in recent years: GTA V. A Rockstar title that has been hidden among dozens of trailers, follows updating your GTA Online, has gone through three generations of consoles and yet, still unstoppable. And, although the incredible success of GTA V is indisputable, there are users who are already beginning to feel the bug for another adventure of the same style. In other words, the community begins to ask a GTA 6But Rockstar has yet to say anything about a new Grand Theft Auto installment. Something that has reached the point that have silenced the word ‘GTA 6’ in the comments of his YouTube channel.

This has been pointed out by the Twitter user Not_StrangeMan, who has seen one of his comments disappear in a Rockstar video because mentioned the forbidden word. In this sense, it has been noticed that there were absolutely no viewers who published something about the sixth installment of the franchise, which has implied that the developer had completely silenced the word.

Rockstar has muted the word, but now users use alternate versionsBut this is the Internet, and as it happens on these kinds of occasions, it has been formed a Streisand effect in which a wave of users has started to remind Rockstar of their request. And, since they can’t say ‘GTA 6’, they are using alternate versions from the supposed title as ‘GTA VI’, ‘GTA SIX’ or ‘GTA 5 + 1’ to prevent your comment from being deleted by the system. In other words, Internet in full splendor.

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And it is that the popularity of GTA V has made his reign last many years, something that if you want to continue with its version for PS5 and Xbox Series (in addition to those already existing on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One). A game that has accumulated more than 150 million sales but that, at the moment, is going through a somewhat cloudy period due to its appearance in the new generation of consoles. Since, as has been observed in his same YouTube channel, the video in which the arrival of GTA V is announced to the latest Sony and Microsoft platforms has received thousands of negative votes.

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