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The closure of the schools is one of the most controversial corona measures. The government and RIVM did not think it was necessary, but it did happen under pressure from the people. In retrospect, the cabinet may have been right.

Jaap van Dissel of RIVM literally said during the press conference yesterday that the closure of the schools “had no influence on the total number of infections.”

But it is difficult. The schools in Taiwan were already open again in February and corona did not continue, writes de Volkskrant. Simulations also show that school closure only prevents a few percent of mortality. “The evidence that a nationwide school shutdown is fighting Covid-19 is very weak,” said a British analysis in the journal The Lancet this month. Furthermore, of the 137 children with flu complaints examined, none appeared to have a corona.

On the other hand: In Seattle, 6 percent fewer people had a cold last year when schools were closed for 5 days due to bad weather. According to a calculation by London scientists, closing schools would have reduced coronavirus infectivity by 20 percent.

Nevertheless, the consensus among scientists is that children are not very contagious, especially because they have few complaints. “The teacher is more likely to transmit the virus to a child than vice versa,” says epidemiologist and pediatrician Patricia Bruijning (UMC Utrecht) in de Volkskrant.

Sources): De Volkskrant


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