Hassan Khalil on the port file: The level of politicization in it has become very high

Political aide to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, MP Ali Hassan Khalil, launched a series of political stances in which he spoke about the date of the parliamentary elections, the government and the issue of the port explosion, while receiving popular delegations at his home in the town of Khiam.

Khalil said: “Today, the workshop on the parliamentary elections was launched, and it is an opportunity to confirm the commitment of the Amal Movement and the Development and Liberation Bloc to hold the parliamentary elections on time, as agreed upon by the parliamentary committees on March 27, 2022. It formed a kind of consensus on this date. We had hoped that the discussion would be with a modern, developed law that would open the way for a different political life, but unfortunately the priority of holding elections has imposed itself and on this basis we are going to conduct them according to the current law with some technical amendments.

He added: “The most important thing with this law is to confirm our historical position, which is the position of President Nabih Berri, by including the expatriates in the parliamentary elections, and we have made it clear that we have absolutely no problem with the option of keeping the law as it is on the basis of electing 6 representatives abroad or involving the expatriates in the parliamentary elections for all constituencies at home. It is important that the Lebanese diaspora be involved in this electoral process.”

He expected that “the electoral process will take place on time and successfully, and the people will determine their options, and the government will be up to its commitments to hold the elections on time and in the best atmosphere in terms of security, equipment and required technologies.”

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In response to the Free Patriotic Movement’s opinion on the election date, Khalil said, “The date set by the parliamentary committees on March 27, 2021 is within the constitutional deadline that begins on March 21 and ends on August 21, and therefore there is no prejudice to the mandate of the Parliament or the legal period.” The Free Patriotic Movement’s opinion about it was a point of view, and the parliamentary majority took its choice, and recommended that the government take it on the 27th of March 2022.”

And about the legal amendments that should be taken to hold the parliamentary elections on March 27. Khalil said: “We, as parliamentary committees, have accomplished what is related to the law, and therefore this matter is ready for the general assembly. I also think that President Nabih Berri will make full use of the time. The legislative session will also be on October 19, during which all the amendments required to conduct the elections will be approved according to the rules.”

Khalil also touched on the governmental situation, and Khalil appealed to the government, “the pace of its work with regard to basic files is accelerating because the people’s cry before the formation of the government focused on basic issues, and it is still betting on the government’s realization of them and immediately begins to address them. The first issue is the electricity file, which has reached There is a high degree of tension and needs quick measures, and we must not continue with the same policy that frustrated people and made them disbelieve in the state and its institutions.The second issue is this great chaos in the dollar exchange rate, this matter requires a serious pause and it is not enough for the government to start its meetings to listen to plans.We do not want For the government to waste a lot of time and it is required to be serious by taking direct and practical measures in the basic files, and we have the subject of understanding with international institutions and preparing a program and plan for advancement. The third issue is controlling the issue of the national currency rate.

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On the issue of the Beirut Port explosion, he said: “Unfortunately, there is still a lot to go beyond the constitutional and legal rules, and the most dangerous thing is to override all the principles in terms of legal procedures, as if we are in a jungle owned by the media and recording positions away from everything that is characterized by the correct judicial and legal work. We are still, as we said on the first day, committed in accordance with the legal and constitutional rules in the invitations to attend and answer, but unfortunately there are follow-up mechanisms that have nothing to do with all legal and constitutional rules.”

Khalil continued: “Today, we submitted a request for a response to the judge, and there are two requests submitted by colleagues with the legitimate suspicion of transferring the case, and all this confirms that we are facing a file in which the level of politicization has become very high, in addition to discretion. Today, it is useful to pay attention to the constitutional fatwa issued yesterday by Professor Rousseau, known in France. By informing him of the constitutional issues in depth, which confirm that there is a flagrant violation and violation of the constitution by the judicial investigator.

He added, “We have other words, especially that Judge Al-Bitar is supposed to stop the file until a decision is issued by the Court of Cassation before which the request for response is submitted.”


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