Have Aksenova announced daughter Maria from the artist

About this wife of actor there is no official information.

Kokshenov was secretly married to artist/http://globallookpress.com/

Died just a few days ago, the actor Mikhail Kokshenov was secretly married to the painter alle Savarino. About this marriage, famous actor there is no official information.

The second wife of celebrity Elena Aksenova in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel told about an unknown marriage of the actor.

“Bad memories he had about her. But the stamp in the passport was. His legal wife was Shavyrina. And lawful daughter Mary M. Aksenova from it.”

Elena Aksenova

As noted by Elena Aksenova, Michael even his daughter from his first marriage Alevtina Bokros, which is now working as a journalist, did not immediately entered in the passport. “Daughter Alevtina he later entered in the passport. Years 14 she was already. Her own behavior is not particularly good. Over the past three years, she never called him. While he was sick,” said Elena Aksenova.

Recall that the last years of his life Mikhail Kokshenov not appeared in public. He was very ill after suffering three years ago a stroke.


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