“Have more children”, the States General relaunch the birth rate

Opens today at Roma the third edition of the States General of the Natality. The appointment, organized as for the previous editions by the Forum delle Famiglie and Fondazione per la Natalità, The event will bring together thousands of participants at theAuditorium of the Conciliation From Rome. The event will be an opportunity to reflect on the criticality of the falling birth rate and for discussion through dialogue between representatives of the institutions, the world of associations, culture, journalism, entertainment and sport.

At the opening, in addition to the institutional greetings of the President of the Region, Francesco Rocca and to those of the Mayor of Rome, Robert Gualtieri, a message from the President of the Republic is expected. Last year also came that of Pope francesco. To coordinate the works, Gigi De Palo. He is the journalist and television writer who for years has been the engine of initiatives on the birth rate, the true soul of the awakening of consciences: “The theme is simple: if something doesn’t change, everything collapses. We will not go extinct, because someone who lived in Italy before will always arrive. But it is enough to do two economic accounts to understand the seriousness of the problem. The system collapses: the pension system, the welfare system, the health system. Because the elderly are growing and the young are decreasing, i.e. those who should pay pensions. Above all, it is a country that ceases to hope. If no more children are born, game over ”, he says to the Riformista. The numbers of the crisis speak for themselves. The system lacks the architraves necessary to support continuous demographic growth, with a welfare system that discourages young couples and women under 30 from having a child.

And in fact, with an average of 1.25 per household, Italy has the lowest birth rate in Europe, together with Spain and Greece. And among the lowest in the world. “There is a lack of family policies and stopovers that exist, for example, in France and Germany. We have had an important reform with the Family Act and with the single check launched by the Minister Bonetti”, continues De Palo. “But that’s not enough. It will not reverse the trend. They are the foundation. We need a single check, a reform of the scales that takes into account the family burdens, the conciliation of family-work times. An overall cultural change ”, he concludes.

Elena Bonetti will be on the stage of the Auditorium to not only give testimony of the commitment put into the Family Act, but to relaunch towards the future. “Today the world of education, institutions and politics meets with an all-round look and with the perspective of building an alliance to respond to the challenge of a return to the birth rate. The bet on the birth rate is the theme on which we put the future of the country and of all of us at stake”. The two previous editions have accompanied important moments: “There is a transversal commitment to bring a series of measures into a system through a comparison between different but converging skills and sensitivities”.

Pierluigi Sassi will be present to represent Earth Day: the sustainable future “As Pope Francis said in 2015, what we are in is not an era of change but a change of era in which we are called to completely rethink our economic models , social and development if we want to build a future of hope. But beware of interpretations that distort reality. Over the years, the conviction has grown that making them means polluting more, or exploiting the planet too much.

Nothing more wrong. Young people are our best way out of the severe climate crisis. Who will be able to change the current predatory models of finance and economy if not the ecological natives? Young people represent the clean energy of the ever more urgent ecological conversion to which the Pope calls us forcefully”. If the works will be opened by Adrian Bordignon, National President of the Forum delle Famiglie, to give the numbers – literally – is for Istat, Gian Carlo Blangiardo. Trend analysis shows negative rates, by 2070 Italy will be desertified. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti will connect from Japan.

And then, the representatives of politics will take the stage. It is up to them to ground so many good intentions. Elena Bonetti, of Italia Viva. Giuseppe Conte, M5S. Mara Carfagna of Action. Francesco Lollobrigida of FdI, Matteo Salvini for the League, Elly Schlein for the Democratic Party and Antonio Tajani for Forza Italia.

Last year this was the context from which Giorgia Meloni had launched her electoral race: now, from Palazzo Chigi, she promises to follow up on the ideas she had advocated. Coinciding with the States General, Save The Children also presented its report, entitled: ”Le Equilibriste – Maternity in Italy 2023”, from which emerges the picture of an “Italy at future risk”. ”We know that where women work more, more children are born, with a link between higher fertility and stable job positions for both partners. However, the working condition of women, and in particular of mothers, in our country is still largely characterized by instability and precariousness”, declares Antonella Inverno, head of Childhood and Adolescence Policies of the organisation.

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