We have been carrying masks and keeping the Soc distance
hel, and although both measures are more integrated in the social conscience, there is still someone who does not quite understand how this ‘new normal’ works. There has been talk of anxiety that causes this new social state, but little of a collateral effect that is beginning to be discovered among the people; and is that, according to some experts, the pandemic would have made us a bit of a liar, taking advantage of ‘having to stay at home’ and wearing a mask, which provides anonymity that allows us to release lies without getting caught.

It seems that the pandemic would have made us a little more liars. (Pikist)

Everybody we have told a lie in these lasts months; from ‘I haven’t left home at all since the quarantine began’ (ignoring the 2-3 trips to the supermarket a day or several outings with the dog) with a sad voice to ‘there is nothing I like more than being at home’ (Even the most introverted have a moment when they want to be away from home). According to some studies, COVID-19 would have provided us with a new stage Y new possibilities For our lies, which we are dying to prove inside. Most of them are unimportant lies that try to excuse our behavior during confinement, but they have a B side: potentially exposing us to the virus. Moreover, when we lie, we do it thinking not only that our excuses are not serious, but that we don’t care much if he catches us either
n; our mind makes us believe that lying in a situation like the one we are experiencing is justifiable and can be forgiven, since there is a greater ‘excuse’, which is the virus itself. In such a situation stressful, the simplest solution is sought, which makes us believe that we are controlling a situation that we cannot control.

There are those who made up all kinds of excuses to leave the house.

There are those who made up all kinds of excuses to leave the house. (Llibert Teixidó)

Lying to escape from a meeting via video call, lying to get rid of family visits, lying to stay at home watching series without stopping … Lies are the order of the day, and every day more. It is not only easier to position ourselves in this way, but it is also the easiest way to hide what happens to us. Things get serious when we start lying to people in our close circle or even to healthcare professionals, especially when we lie about whether or not we have maintained the measures to protect ourselves from the virus. What’s more, there studies that show that more and more people have lied about his symptoms to be able to perform other actions (such as some people with symptoms that hide them to be able to go on vacation), which is very dangerous for general public health.

More than one has lied to excuse his behavior.

More than one has lied to excuse his behavior. (Pxhere)

The problem is lying about serious things, such as possible symptoms

Experts believe that this new wave of lies is the result of the situation we are experiencing; Being isolated and in a constant state of uncertainty makes us make excuses for ourselves To change our lives somehow We convince ourselves that ‘we are suffering’ and we do not know when this situation is going to end, so we believe that any lie is more than justified to make it more bearable.

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