Having Elected Moeldoko, the KLB camp is still guerrilla, with the support of the Democratic DPD-DPC


JAKARTA – Deputy of Bappilu DPP Democratic party Kamhar Lakumani conveyed the latest developments regarding the movement to take over the leadership of the Democratic Party (GPKPD). After it was held Extraordinary Congress (KLB) in Deliserdang, North Sumatra (Sumut), Friday (6/3/2021) yesterday, political maneuvers were still being carried out against the DPD and DPC of the Democrat Party.

“We detect that currently the fake KLB group is contacting and pressuring the DPD Chairmen and the DPC Chairmen to turn back to support the GPK PD group with the claim that they will get approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights,” said Kamhar in a written statement, Saturday (6/3/2021 ).

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Therefore, Bappilu DPP Democrat Party invited all DPD Chairmen and DPC Democratic Party Chairpersons throughout Indonesia to not be afraid to face the pressures from the KLB camp which he called fake. Kamhar emphasized to stay close ranks and maintain solidity.

Moreover, he said, the DPD and DPC have become witnesses that the Democratic party under AHY’s leadership is on the right path and is in accordance with the statutes of the Democratic Party which is legal as a result of the 2020 Jakarta Congress.

“We should not negotiate with thugs who try to rob our houses and even take over our houses by force. Because it is not just insulting our self-respect and dignity as cadres, this is also the same as we justifying their actions,” he said.

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According to him, nothing legal standing and not a single clause in the statute or statute that can be fulfilled for the implementation of the Extraordinary Democratic Party of the Party. Therefore, he asked to maintain enthusiasm and cohesiveness under the leadership of AHY and Chairman of the High Council of the Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

“With togetherness and cohesiveness and the support of the people and all pro-democracy strategic groups, we believe the truth will win. Save democrats, save democracy,” he concluded.



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