Hayden Panettiere announces her ex-partner Brian Hickerson

“I am ready to do my part so that this man can never hurt anyone again.” Hayden Panettiere (30) breaks her silence and speaks for the first time about the violence she experienced in her relationship with ex-boyfriend Brian Hickerson (31). And not just with a posting on social media. She reported the 31-year-old to the Los Angeles police over various physical and psychological attacks on her. Hickerson arrested that on Thursday night.

A police spokesman said: “He was arrested for physical abuse of his partner. The incidents have occurred in the past for more than a year. » The unemployed actor is in custody because he has not been able to provide the $ 320,000 deposit. If he is released on trial, he must not come closer than 100 meters to the “Heroes” series heroine. The latter filed an injunction against Hickerson and received it.

Hayden Panettiere posts number for abuse victims

Panettiere posted an appeal to her fans on Instagram: «I go public with the truth about what happened to me. I hope I can give courage to others in violent relationships to get the help they deserve. I am thankful for the people who support me. Who helped me find my courage and get my voice and my life back. » Under her posting, she wrote the hotline for victims of abuse of violence in relationships. And an SMS number for those who cannot speak freely. All you need to do is write “LOVEIS” and get help.

Hickerson was arrested for the first time last year after a violent clash with Panettiere. However, the former fiancee of Vladimir Klitschko (44) refused to file a complaint and went back to him. Hickerson attacked her again in Wyoming five months ago on Valentine’s Day and was arrested for domestic violence. A process is still pending.

Panettiere’s lawyer Alan Jackson told The New York Post: “After years of being the victim of psychological, emotional, and serious physical abuse, Hayden Panettiere has started the process of returning her life. Hayden has found the strength and courage to share the truth about her abuse and the perpetrator. It has decided to support the public prosecutor’s office with the investigation and the trial preparation. It demands justice. As someone who has survived abuse, she is well aware that her long, difficult journey of healing has only just begun. » (ds / paf)

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