News He accidentally came across coins from the time of...

He accidentally came across coins from the time of Přemysl Otakar II.

“This is an accidental finding of an individual and we anticipate that even today (Tuesday) we will find the vast majority of coins. In the end, there should be up to 800 of them, “archaeologist Martin Pták told Práva.

On Tuesday, an excavator worked in the field, digging for ten centimeters, and other people then searched the topsoil with metal detectors. They often succeeded and found either a whole or a fragment of a coin. Many coins were in very good condition. “However, some were damaged by plowing,” Pták said.

Many coins are in very good condition.

Photo: Pavel Orholz, Law

According to him, this is a significant finding. “Especially on the South Bohemian scale, such findings are not so common. Coins have mostly not been preserved. It is one of the first finds in this area, “Pták explained, adding that this is the fourth find of medieval coins in Písek in the last five years.

All coins are of one type

The interesting thing about the treasure is that all coins are of one type. “We assume that these coins did not go through circulation, where they would be mixed with other types of coins, or with Bavarian phoenixes. We can assume that they were previously hidden in a mint, for example. The very good condition also corresponds to this. They do not bear traces of use, “stated Pták.

Photo: Pavel Orholz, Law

Archaeologists worked in a field near Sepekov on Tuesday, looking for rare coins.

Photo: Pavel Orholz, Law

The coins depict the head of the monarch with a crown and four small fish around it.

Now the experts will chemically preserve the coins and present the treasure museum at short-term exhibitions. It is possible that they will also have a permanent exhibition.


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