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Got the shock diagnosis of lymphoma cancer a year ago: Alexander Scheelen. Today he is back on the court. Photo: Federico Gambarini

(Photo: AP)

Finally, the wedding with Pelin was scheduled. “You could not blow that off,” says Scheelen in an interview with the German Press Agency: “And I never wanted to do that either.”

The doctor agreed and even gave the regional league footballer of Rot-Weiß Oberhausen the permission to “give the edge”. He did that too, reports Scheelen with a smile. Today, he likes to think back to this, after all, carefree day, when only the closest circle was privy to his illness. “It was a beautiful party, just perfect,” he says. “I did not think about anything else that day.”

Oberhausen coach Mike Terranova was at the wedding and he was one of the initiates. “I could not party properly,” he says, “It should be the best day in life, and then something like that. But Alex pulled it off. He has always been a fighter. “

But right after that began a period of suffering that even brought him to his limits. “We made the hard chemo right at the beginning. So that everything can be cleared, which is evil “, Scheelen tells:” Unfortunately also much was lost, which is good. “And then he counts up:” I hardly had the strength to brush my teeth. I had hair loss, loss of appetite, I was just breaking. I could not do anything for three weeks. Nothing at all. I was a nursing case. “

Back then, there had been a day or two when he thought, “What's the shit all about? I almost put my head in the sand. “But Scheelen had a lot of support, in the club, in the private sphere.

And he built on the advice of Benjamin Köhler. The ex-professional of Union Berlin was ill in 2015 with cancer. “He had the same thing one-to-one, just in another place,” says Scheelen. So he contacted the Köhler, whom he had not known before. “That was very helpful,” he says: “Especially because Benny did not talk about the bush. He said: I do not want to scare you. But the chemo will throw you completely off track. And so it was then. “Today Scheelen passes on his experience to other patients. As Köhler did with him.

Fear that he will not survive, the 31-year-old Scheelen never had according to their own information. The doctor had given him a chance of recovery of 90 percent at the beginning. When he received the glad tidings of the healing at the follow-up, his reaction was astonishingly factual. “My wife cried, my brother cried, tears flowed from my father,” he says. “But it was a matter of course for me. Of course I was really happy, but more inwardly. “

What he had already given up in the meantime was the hope of being able to play football again. “My crew did the preparation and I could not even run to the fridge and get a bottle of water,” he says: “I completely set the topic aside.”

But the radiation therapy after chemo he coped well. “It was a pill,” he says, “like an MRI. After the way before you master that with left. “The hair grew again,” I looked again like a man “.

And he groped slowly in training. On April 5 of this year, he came home for the first time in a home game – and scored against Wuppertal prompt in the fourth minute of stoppage the important winner in the fight for promotion. “You could not have invented it better,” says Scheelen. “I really do not need this fanfare about me,” he says, but that day “I celebrated with the fans until I could not go any further. And after the game, I got even more news than after the diagnosis. “

Today, Scheelen is considered completely cured. Strong and happy, he goes through life, the disease appears like a reminder from distant time. “We do not talk about it anymore”, Terranova says: “He just gives full throttle.” Did he celebrate the biggest victory of his life? Scheelen considers. “That's probably how it is, yes,” he says. “But you never know what's going to happen in life.”

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