“He believes that there are magic solutions and he is about to skip the institutional framework”

Javiera Parada, campaign manager for presidential candidate Ignacio Briones (Evópoli), during his recent participation in the program Prime Debate Here addressed the challenges in the face of legal primaries on July 18 in Chile Vamos, ensuring that “it is not a normal elementary school.”

He argued that “it is not about the future of Chile Vamos or the center right, and it is not about the next four years. The The primary issue that we face is whether as a country we will be able to lay the foundations for the next 30 years with a sustainable development, with a decentralized country, with decentralized power, ”said Parada.

“And for that government neither Chile Vamos nor the left will be enough. Whoever governs this country will have to convene broader sectors than their own coalition“, He assured. Therefore, he emphasized that in this election process, “elect the most capable person to be able to lead this process of radical transformation.”

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In this way, the campaign manager of Briones differentiated that project led by the former Minister of Finance versus that of the mayor of Recoleta and current candidate President of the Communist Party, Daniel Jadue.

In this regard, he pointed out that “there are two projects in dispute here.” On the one hand, “there is a project that defends freedom, that believes that for freedom to be true, social justice is necessary, and that believes in democratic institutions and rules.”

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“And there is another project that is the one that Daniel Jadue is leadingWhat do you think there is magic solutions to solve the demands of the people, that the institutionality is about to be skipped and what do you think is possible respond to demands for social justice without economic growthHe explained.

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These statements were answered by Rodolfo Carter, mayor of Florida and campaign manager for Joaquín Lavín (UDI), who stated that “the issue is that, who builds bridges. You think it’s Ignacio and I think it’s Joaquín Lavín ”, since “Its greatest strength is the ability to change and the ability to listen”, He said.

“Just what today the country is at stake that transcends us all and that finally we do not have the right to partake of the decisions that we are going to make in the next period, “he said.

“The crossroads between Jadue and the alternative that we represent is radical and it is what to do, that people go to vote. Y Rather than go to Miami for those who can pay, scared to death, or for the communists to come to eat the buses, vote“, Concluded the communal chief.


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