He connects to the street network and a UASLP teacher humiliates him

The notary public and teacher at the UASLP, Elvia Castañón, publicly apologized for her comments against a student. Image: Video Capture


Acts of humiliation towards a student of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP) were denounced by colleagues of a young man identified as Rafael, who was exhibited by his teacher, the notary public Elvia Castañón, for connecting to the virtual class from the street .

“It is not the first time nor the first case with this teacher and there are many like her. From the notary Elvia Castañón, I find it reprehensible, unacceptable, the way in which this discrimination occurred towards our colleague.

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“The reality of things is that they reflect some cases as they have been occurring at the University, it is not the first time that professors have issued this type of opinion. We are united to support each other, the university community has to match criteria and demand that University Rights take action on the matter, “commented the Spokesman for the Potosino University Front, Óscar Patiño.

The university authorities announced that they would punish the offending teacher and did not rule out the need for an apology.

In this regard, the general secretary of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Marco Aranda, commented: “I think that is not really correct, it makes me feel that an apology will have to be offered because, for me, you cannot make a demonstration, I I personally say that it is an offense. “

The university community was outraged by the attitude of the teacher, as did Eduardo García and Valeria González, students of this house of studies, when they questioned the attitude of the teacher and the apology she should offer.

“As a teacher, you should set the example of non-discrimination, then there as it helps students to be more tolerant with others,” said Valeria.

The Potosino University Front seeks a way to support the student from the Huasteca, as well as the dozens of students who have been relegated from education by not being able to access virtual classes.

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