He crashes into his car into the guard rail. Nurse of San Jacopo dies at 56

Pistoia, 14 May 2022 – He lost control of his car, a gray Fiat Punto, and crashed into the ring road guardrail. A crash that left him no way out and that made the passenger who was sitting in the back seat jump. A terrible accident, and so far inexplicable, what happened last night shortly after 6 pm on the Pistoia ring road, at the south exit of the hospital, towards the motorway. An accident in which Nicola Buti, 56, a technician at the Pistoia hospital and actor of the Gad company in Pistoia, lost his life. The passenger who sat next to him was unharmed. While the conditions of the other girl, 18 years old, MC, hospitalized in a reserved prognosis at the Florentine hospital of Careggi, are serious. It all happened in seconds, and it seems without the involvement of other cars. Still to understand what led the man to lose control of the car, whether an illness or the sun that dazzled him. Rescue was immediately taken: the 118 emergency medical service from Pistoia arrived on the spot, along with the volunteers of the Misericordia di Candeglia. The firefighters extracted the injured from the metal sheets: the car was destroyed and the nose did not exist, given the impact. Rescuers immediately focused on the two most seriously injured, both unconscious. Nicola Buti was in cardiac arrest: the volunteers tried the Lukas, and the man arrived in a very serious condition at the Pistoia hospital, where he died shortly after. The conditions of the girl who, in the violent impact, reported a major head trauma are also very serious. The rescuers of the Misericordia stabilized her and then the transfer to the Careggi hospital was arranged. At the time of writing, the young woman would be hospitalized on a confidential prognosis in the intensive care unit. The only one conscious when the rescuers arrived was the other passenger, but in a state …

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