He did it! The Alfa fills the Olympic Stadium to pure dembow

With a little over three hours on stage, some 31 songs and 15 guests, as if it were a festival, the alpha he achieved the feat of filling the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium, becoming the first Dominican urban artist to do so.

A pure dembow vibrated the Olympic Stadium on Saturday night, where the followers of the alpha They not only sang their songs, but also enjoyed the hits of other artists such as Arcángel, J Balvin and Secreto.

“To the new talents that come that I am crazy that one comes to stay with this. there isn’t a success on the face of the earth that is more satisfying than crowning in the Dominican Republic”, was one of the singer’s messages at night.

The clock marked 10:00 at night (one hour and 30 minutes later than scheduled) with an audience a little exhausted by the wait, when the stage showed an audiovisual recounting the evolution of the singer’s career since its beginnings in the neighborhood to the present and everything it has achieved in 15 years.

It was with “Truck Band” followed by “4K” that The Alpha started the show where he became “The legend of the dembow”.

“Thank you daddy God for allowing the dream of urban music, not to the Alpha, but to the Dominican Republic and all urban. the alpha he is walking through a place where there is no street and the one who is guiding him is God so that every young person who comes behind doing the job and doing things well done, achieves his dreams”, were the first words of the artist to the public.

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To later continue with “Singapur”, “Mera wow” and “Coronao”, the latter was performed by the “most special guests of the night”, Emanuel and Fendi, who together with their father sang, danced and thanked him. to the public for supporting his father.

Making a tour of its repertoire with a striking scenery full of led lights, smoke, pyrotechnics, El Alfa put to enjoy about 45 thousand people (according to the data of the organizers).


Puerto Ricans Zion and Lennox were the first guests of the night and rose to the rhythm of “Pomposo” and continued to perform three songs from their repertoire.

Giving thanks to God and sending messages of overcoming the breaks between song and song of the urban elapsed.

At 11:07 p.m. after dismissing Kiko el Crazy from his participation, El Alfa announced his third foreign guest, Colombian J Balvin with “Que calor”, the song they released in 2019 and has more than 144 million views only on YouTube.

With the hubbub of those present, Balvin began to dance his hits “There are no excuses”, “My people” and “I Like it”.

After several dembows and a “Dominicanos, klk” it was Dowba Montana’s turn to perform “Tamo en Hoja”.

Other songs performed at the concert were “Pamela”, one of the most recent of The Alpha, “Baby”, song he has with the Colombian Camilo, “PAM”, “Muévete jevi”, a song that was released nine years ago, “Gogo dance”, “Curaçao”, “La mama de la mama”.

The Alfa went back to the beginning of his career with “Car bomb” and this time he was accompanied by the urban artist Shelow Shaq, taking the applause of the public.

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Only Woman

The only female guest of the night was the Colombian artist Farina, who performed her hit “Bendecido” with the Dominican, a viral song on the TikTok platform and which is part of the singer’s latest album “Wisdom.”

After the participation of the “Fine Girl”, the highlight of the night arrived, Arcángel. The Puerto Rican artist of Dominican origin was the most applauded of the 15 guests of El Alfa.

To run the LakersArchangel sang with the alphabut the audience was excited and “La Maravilla” pleased them with their hits “Flow bastard” and “Por amar a blindas”, the latter was sang at the top of their lungs by those present, who insisted and kept asking for “another one”.

At that moment, Arcángel took the opportunity to drop that a concert might be encouraged in that place with a “see you soon right here”.

The surprise of the night was the young artist Chris Lebrón, signed by Arcángel, and who with his romantic reggaeton and clean lyrics has managed to gain popularity, something that he made clear when he performed the song “Desde mis ojos”.


The Alpha took the opportunity to address the public and send the message that the “urban music does not harm” He also assured that everything he wanted has already been achieved and neither jewelry nor luxury vehicles give him “satisfaction.”

Speakers Braulio Fogón and Kaly Ocho were the next guests.

The oldest

At 12:55 p.m. El Alfa announced El Mayor with “Galapín”, a song that brought them together and with it they left behind the rivalry they had had for more than 12 years.

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“Today you are a leader and what you are doing is worthy of admiration. I respect him, I love him,” El Mayor told him.

Secret the famous baby bottle also said present with three of his songs, which were chanted by the public.

Puerto Rican artist Farruko was the last guest of the night and “Pepas”, “The misunderstood” resounded in the entire stadium.

As Farruko, who recently converted to Christianity, sang, El Alfa sat on stage and couldn’t hold back his tears. At that moment, the Dominican’s children came back up and Farruko said: “It doesn’t matter (the family) is the most important thing in life.

On the other hand, the Puerto Rican invited Mc Albertico and Isaías the sniper, the blind boy who sings urban music and became known on TikTok.

At 1:25 p.m. El Alfa concluded the show, produced by Saymon Díaz, with the song “La mama de la mama”.

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