He didn’t get vaccinated, his baby was taken to the incubator and his own intensive care unit.

He didn’t get vaccinated, his baby was taken to the incubator and his own intensive care unit.

Gülpembe Ünlü became pregnant with her first child last January. Celebrity, who went through the pregnancy process under the control of a doctor, did not have the coronavirus vaccine because of the fear that it would harm her baby. Celebrity, who did not go out of her home to protect herself from the coronavirus, caught the disease in the 8th month of her pregnancy. Ünlü applied to Adana City Training and Research Hospital on 31 August with complaints of fever, shortness of breath and pain in his lungs. Celebrity, who had a positive coronavirus test and was treated, was taken by cesarean section when her condition worsened.


The baby girl, who was born one month premature, was put in an incubator in a private hospital, while the mother was taken to the intensive care unit in the hospital where she gave birth. After 20 days of treatment, Ünlü won the struggle for life and was later taken to the normal service. Celebrating her longing by looking at the photos taken by her husband, Nihat Ünlü (30), of her baby, who is being treated in the incubator, said that he could never see, kiss and smell his daughter, whom they named ‘Story Bade’. Celebrity said, “I gave birth when I was 33 weeks old. I have never seen my baby yet. I’m just trying to be consoled by looking at the photos his father took. My only wish was to see my child in the intensive care unit. I held on to life with the strength he gave me.”

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Noting that she is looking forward to reuniting with her baby, Ünlü said, “My process after contracting the coronavirus was indescribably bad. My doctor who followed my pregnancy did not recommend the vaccine, but I wish I had it. If I knew that I would have such a heavy life, I would definitely have been vaccinated. I spent the most beautiful and meaningful period of my life in the hospital. I was also emotionally affected. “Everyone should definitely get their vaccinations,” he said. Father Nihat Ünlü, who works as an accountant in a private company, stated that they want to have their baby as soon as possible and said that he invited everyone to get vaccinated.


Adana City Training and Research Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sefa Arlıer, on the other hand, stated that the risk is greater in pregnant women and those who are not vaccinated with the Delta variant and said: “Unfortunately, our pregnant women do not get vaccinated because they think it will harm the baby. This is a very dangerous situation. It is absolutely necessary to get the vaccine at any time of pregnancy. The difference is, We see it very clearly. Our vaccinated pregnant women give birth in a healthy way and come out with their babies without any problems. However, our unvaccinated pregnant women, unfortunately, fall into intensive care, as in this patient, premature birth, and can be separated from the baby for a long time. Both the mother’s and the baby’s life are in danger. That’s why we strongly recommend the Biontech vaccine to all our pregnant women during this period. When it first started, we didn’t see much of the coronavirus in pregnant women, but now we have nearly 20 pregnant women in our hospital and all of them are unvaccinated.”

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