Health He does Chris Hemsworth training in 6 weeks and...

He does Chris Hemsworth training in 6 weeks and that’s how he changed

  • The secrets of Chris Hemsworth’s training (available in the Centr app) helped this youtuber to transform his body in 6 weeks
  • With just 30 minutes of HIIT routine and the Chris Hemsworth diet, the results began to show quickly, but could he finish his challenge?

    Trapped at home and unable to go to the gym, the youtuber Laurie Shaw downloaded the free Centr application to test in his own body the Chris Hemsworth training and see if he too could have the muscles of the Thunder God himself.

    The quarantine has left us great challenges or challenges and, in YoutubeWe find great examples such as the boy who did 500 push-ups every day of the month or the one who preferred to get between his chest and back, never better said, 50 pull-ups in a month. Laurie Shaw, however, was inspired by the training of one of her great idols and with the application Centr imitated the Chris Hemsworth routines.

    Six weeks, no less, was Shaw with the bodyweight training program designed by Chris Hemsworth’s coaches. The best: he didn’t need any equipment, except for a pair of dumbbells that could well have been supplied with water bottles or cartons of milk.

    Of course, he also adapted his Chris Hemseworth diet downloading the Centr recipes that made the youtuber discover the vegetable proteins of the actor’s vegan diet.

    After completing the first workout, Laurie Shaw is quite exhausted, but it was on day 2 when the laces made their own. “I felt very sore,” says the youtuber. “It’s not a lot of weight and it doesn’t last long, but 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training leaves you pretty messed up.”

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    Luckily, Shaw was able to persuade his brothers to join him in some of his workouts, and of course, he discovers that having to train in company really makes a difference: “It’s crazy how motivated you can feel working with someone else.”

    The Chris Hemsworth workouts They are still exhausting, but Shaw discovers that his body adjusts to the intensity of some of the exercises and may even add progression. “Towards the end of week 2 I started adding more reps to each series where I could,” he says. “Strangely, I felt that certain exercises required more time and cost me to do as many repetitions in the set time, while in other exercises I was very comfortable. So I began to customize each series to work according to my development.”

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    “Honestly, I haven’t felt anything like this for a long time,” he says as the sixth and final week begins. “I have never had so much energy, and I feel that the ache pain that I started feeling is a thing of the past … The most surprising discovery is that I have wasted so much time, so I only need 25 or 30 minutes of HIIT training to really change my body and get tired. Now I feel like I can train harder, hold longer and that’s really the good thing. “

    At the end of 6 weeks, the youtuber You are slimmer, with visibly more toned abs … and all thanks to the Chris Hemsworth training and its application Centr.


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