He does not have the money to buy insulin, diabetic dies at 26 years old | NEWS

To die because medicines cost too much. This was the fate of a boyfriend of 26 years with the diabetes, who lost his life because he could not afford to pay the essential medicines for his survival.

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He was called Alec Smith-Holt, the sick American boy of diabetes type 1 and that is died because he could not cover the cost of insulin vials, vital for its survival. In fact, in the United States, the parental health policy covers children up to 26 years of age, from that moment onwards the young person would have to personally provide for the purchase of medicines or the signing of an insurance policy covering health expenses. But for those who are poor, it is often a mirage to be able to cure themselves in America.

And so Alec has begun to ration its insulin stocks, to try to take less and make the packs last longer, the cost of which has been drastically committed over the last few years, tripling between 2002 and 2013. And from 2012 to 2016 the price has risen, which can range from 99 to 120 percent: today in the United States, a diabetic can spend up to $ 1,300 a month just for insulin. And Alec could not afford this.

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To tell the story to the American broadcaster CBS was Alec's mother, Nicole Smith-Holt: "My son died because he could not afford his insulin," says the woman, who then remembers that before his death, the boy he fell into a diabetic coma. And unfortunately the death of Alec Smith-Holt is not the only one: in the United States there are many patients who are forced to give up their medicines because of the high costs that some of these have reached. This is why some Americans, including the state of Minnesota, have decided to sue three of the largest insulin-producing pharmaceutical companies. And Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont called for a federal investigation.

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