“He does not want to let the truth out”, another bomb on Flavio Insinna – Libero Quotidiano

The question and answer at a distance continues between Flavio Insinna e Strip the News. Between the conductor and Antonio Ricci, author of the satirical news of Canale 5, there are several tensions dating back to years ago when Strip published an Insinna rant about a competitor of Your business. Here Rai’s face went heavy, to the point of risking his career. After years of silence, the presenter de The legacy he went back to talking about the crime at Corriere della Sera (here is the interview), without ever mentioning Strip who still decided to have his say.

The show has in fact published on its website a long letter in which the feud is reopened. This addressed to Roberta Scorranese, author of the interview with Insinna. In addition to reiterating “the falsehoods told by the conductor”, the press office underlines: “There is more than one passage that leaves us perplexed. We would like to point out that the sentences pronounced by Insinna at the time do not seem so right, as well as said in the wrong way “. Strip he remembers that in the famous off-wave “Insinna says what the people in charge of the program should have done Your business: stop the registration and convince the Aosta Valley competitor (“Nana di m ***”) to refuse the doctor’s offer, even with violence“.

E Insinna a detta di Strip he knew well that the outburst had been recorded. “For me you can send videos, mobile phones, things, whatever you like – shouted the conductor in the off-wave -. For me you can send messages to Leone, to Rai. You are just mice that you speak behind. “For the satirical news, therefore, also in the interview the presenter of Rai 1 he would have lied. In addition to Insinna in the sights of Strip ends there Courier service: “What do you understand from the reply they have published? Nothing! Or maybe you understand that the Courier service does not want to clarify to its readers how things really went “.

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