Health He drinks alcohol on an empty stomach and feels...

He drinks alcohol on an empty stomach and feels sick, Alice dies at the age of 27: She was a fitness freak

A simple one alcoholic drink prepared at home and consumed in the garden on an empty stomach, this was enough to trigger a violent reaction in his body which then led to his death. It is the terrible the story of a 27 year old Briton, Alice Burton Bradford, suddenly diedand in his home in Brighton without even being able to get to the hospital. A sudden and even more absurd death because, as friends and relatives remember, Alice was not an alcoholic and indeed she was a fitness fanatic, who loved to ride a bicycle and run and apparently in perfect health.

Just her attention to the line and to the body, however, may have betrayed her. According to the doctors it was victim of alcoholic ketoacidosis, a metabolic complication of alcohol intake and prolonged fasting. It is a condition that leads to accusing transient symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain but also hyperglycemia that without adequate treatment and in time can lead to death.

“It was absolutely a horrible shock. Nobody expected it at all. Only three weeks before he died he had participated in a bike race,” said a friend to the Daily Mail, stressing: “I had never heard of alcoholic ketoacidosis until his death. We’re not sure how much he drank that weekend, but she was not an alcoholic. He hadn’t eaten enough and this had triggered an acid in her stomach but it was all so sudden. she couldn’t even go to the hospital, she went out to her garden and died there. “” We firmly believe that there is a need for much more information about the dangers of drinking when you have not eaten properly, “explained friends and relatives.


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