He even had to fight with the queen: Princess Diana's confession of having loved Harry more than William

The life of the princess Diana of Wales was marked by the suffering that passed behind the doors of the Royal Palace, between your marriage with the Prince Charles and the strict rules he has been subjected to. But Diana had two good reasons to smile: her children William and Harry, who became his escape to the boring life in the palace and the harassment of the press.

Together with her children, the princess did what she wanted. He drove them through the park, sled, ate at McDonald's and even went to Disneyland.

Although he professed a deep love for both, Diana confessed once that "he gave more attention"to Prince Harry that to Prince William.

Richard Kay, a true commentator who was close to the beloved princess, revealed that Lady Di often spoke of her "adorable children"but that focused more on Harry.

According to Kay, Diana felt that Harry needed more attention because she lived in the shadow of her older brother William, who had been destined to become king since he was born.

"As compensation, Diana has spread more love and attention to Harry," Richard wrote in a special for the Daily Mail.

Despite his efforts to give love to both children, he noticed how members of the royal family treated Harry differently from William.

According to Kay, Diana told her it was her duty to turn more towards Harry.

"I have to do it, Charles and I work very hard to make sure both children receive the same amount of time and love, but the other family members seem to focus on William."

Kay also claimed that too Diana came to fight with the queen to encourage William on Harry, who left him visibly discouraged. The situation of the children became critical between the two.

"Harry had complained that every time he and William visited his grandmother, it was always William who made stories and sat next to him." It's not right, Harry said to his mother.

Harry remembered the moments he spent with his mother and how he would "sneak" them into the movies and drove them down the street with the convertible roof.

Despite being in the public eye, Diana tried to keep her "normal" children as she could get in and out of Kensington Palace.


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