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A study conducted at University College London proved that there is a percentage of men who, after having COVID-19, during the so-called “long covid” may experience erectile dysfunction, including permanent health damage in the form of, for example, a shortened penis. According to the Daily Mail, 3.4 thousand people took part in the survey. men. 200 of them experienced erectile dysfunction and suffered from it long after suffering COVID-19 disease.

Another study, this time published in the World Journal of Men’s Health by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, also showed clearly. Infection with COVID, unfortunately, can cause permanent erection problems.

He boldly told about his problem. After contracting COVID-19, his penis became much shorter

One of the patients of the American hospital, who spent the lion’s share of time in the urology department, spoke to the hosts of the “How To Do It” podcast. He told about the misfortune that befell him after contracting COVID-19.

The man confirmed that his birthright today is as much as 1.5 inches shorter, which is approximately 4 cm. He had erectile dysfunction (ED).

I am a heterosexual man in my thirties. In July last year, I fell ill with COVID-19. Then I had problems with erectile dysfunction. It gradually got better with the medical care, but I guess I stayed with this problem. My penis has shrunk. Before I got sick, he was above average. Now I have lost about one and a half inches in length and has become much less than average, says the 30-year-old sadly (“How To Do It”).


There is no better chance of recovery? It depends

Unfortunately, he said, the doctors did not give him a better chance of returning to the original state, before the coronavirus infection.

Apparently it’s due to vascular damage and my doctors say it’s probably permanent, ‘he added.


And although hopes were dashed, nevertheless urologists responded to the man’s story. They argue that the previous condition could possibly be restored if the patient followed the rehabilitation exercises for a certain period of time. It added that so far the causes and final course of the disorder, as well as ways to deal with ED and the symptom indicated by the patient in the podcast, are not known. It takes time to learn how to comprehensively deal with situations that affect patients. Perhaps new and effective solutions will emerge over time.


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