He had a knife in the car. Police described why they shot a black man in front of children!

In a statement released by the Criminal Investigation Division under the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the incident arose from a domestic rift.

Police officers according to CNN they arrived at the reported conflict in Kenosha on Sunday and tried to arrest 29-year-old Jacob Blake. They even unsuccessfully used a taser to pacify it.

Then Blake walked around the car, “opened the driver’s door and leaned in,” the authorities write. At that moment, Officer Rusten Sheskey fired seven times into the black man’s back.

According to authorities, Blake admitted that he had a knife, and the law enforcement officers allegedly found it on the floor of the car on the driver’s side. This is the first official description of Sunday’s shooting, but CNN points out that the official version is just a rough sketch of the event.

It is still unclear whether Blake, for example, threatened police to use the knife, draw it, or why Sheskey shot him so many times. There is also not a word in the documentary about black children sitting in the car or other relatives standing nearby.

After the shooting, Blake was in critical condition in a hospital, and large-scale violent protests erupted in the city of Kenosha, killing two people. Among other things, the protesters set fire to cars and police officers had to disperse the crowd with tear gas.

Recall the riots in the report:


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