He has legs like rifles! But she looks! Here is Izabella Krzan in all its glory. Very pretty and very subtle! May 4, 2021

She is intelligent, very pretty and extremely nice. In addition, she has a perfect body – long legs, a slim figure and a beautiful cleavage. It’s hard to look away … May 4, 2021

Izabella Krzan is very popular

In 2016, she won the elections Miss Polandand then it made its way to television. Fur became a co-host of TVP programs – “Koło Fortuny” and “Czaru par”.

Izabella Krzan jokes on the board in a swimsuit. Funny…

And it won the audience’s sympathy. Fur it is also extremely popular on social media. She is followed by 176 thousand on Instagram. Internet users who vividly comment on each of her photos – say Gwiazd.wp.pl. . This is also the case this time. No wonder because Fur she posted an extremely sensual photo. The model wears only a plain black top that reveals a large cleavage and oversized jeans. Nothing special, but it looks insane.

In the comments, fans praise her beauty, write that she is the most beautiful TVP star, and even profess love, and Fur she must blush quite well when she reads the reactions of Internet users.


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