he has lived in the skin of his idol for almost 50 years

His name is Dgilly Claude and he has lived for almost 50 years in the skin of his idol, Claude François. This Auvergnat paid tribute to him in casinos or in nightclubs by performing his songs. Forty-five years after the death of the star, do not tell him above all that it is his double.

He has been living in a world of glitter and disco balls for almost half a century. Dgilly Claude, a resident of Chamalières, near Clermont-Ferrand, has been keeping the memory of Claude François alive for nearly 50 years. The Auvergnat paid tribute to him by performing his greatest hits in casinos or nightclubs. In 1981 already, Dgilly Claude evoked the star: “ I don’t really want to replace him, besides he is irreplaceable. But if you prefer, I want to continue to sing his songs so that we don’t forget him and for his fans as well. I have my audience but I also have Claude’s audience ».

The Auvergnat already couldn’t stand being confined to a look-alike role at the time: ” I’m not trying to imitate him at all. I don’t want to look like him. I want to do my own style. I was immediately called a double, even though I hate that. It is a tribute that I pay with my own personality, which of course, I am often told, is close to Claude François. But all the gestures are natural, the hairstyle is natural, the voice too. Everything is natural in myself “. Today, Dgilly Claude returns with emotion to his passion for Cloclo: “ It could have fallen on Dave but it fell on Claude. I liked what he was doing. It cannot be explained and my whole life has been built on him. And I had a friendship with his mom, Chouffa, for 14 years. It was she who produced my record, who introduced me to the artistic director of Polydor. She produced my famous medley ».

After the disappearance of his idol, the Auvergne singer perpetuated his memory: “ We did many galas. We did France, we went to Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia. It was working very well “. From now on, Dgilly Claude only has one date in mind: ” I like it and I need my audience. At the last performance I will give, on the 50th anniversary of his passing, I would like to be swept away. Like Dalida and “To die on stage”, I would like to die on the evening of the last one. I still have 5 years to take advantage of people, to distract them. We live in such a sad society that I want to give them nothing but happiness “. In March 2028, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of Claude François.

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