He is 86 years old.. Barcelona seeks to win a new title in a historical incident. Here are the details

Barcelona is looking forward to achieving a second Spanish league title, in one season, in a historic incident in Spain, after achieving the “La Liga” title a few days ago.

The second title will come with obtaining recognition of the league title in 1937, which the club demands to be written in its name, due to the events that the country witnessed at the time.

League in 1937
In 1937, a number of teams could not form the Spanish League as usual due to the ongoing civil war. This means that no contests were recognized during that year.

But earlier this year, Levante was officially recognized as having won the King’s Cup in 1937 after winning the “Free Spain” Cup, which was held between Espanyol, Girona, Valencia and Levante.

Real Madrid was then under the control of the fascist rule of General Franco, and was not allowed to participate in the Free Spain Cup, while Barcelona withdrew and went on a European tour, to escape persecution and raise money to keep the club alive.

However, earlier Barcelona won a league referred to as the Mediterranean League. At the time, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid were unable to compete in the tournament, but according to Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona, ​​Espanyol, Girona, Valencia, Levante, Gimnastico, Granollers and Athletic Castellón all participated in the league competition.

They went on to point out that the 1939 national championship, held shortly after the end of the war, and which a number of teams including Barcelona did not participate in, was recognized as a victory in La Liga.

In the 39 Championship, Seville defeated Racing Ferrol 6-2 in the final, but in a competition without the participation of the Catalan teams. The Blaugrana confirms that the league title was legitimate in 1937, like the Seville League and the Levante Cup.

And if Barcelona succeeds in meeting his demands, he will win the 1937 league title, and his tally will rise to 28 titles, to score two league titles within a week. (Sky News)

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