“He is the culprit”: mayor of La Cisterna blames Parisi for crime in “lawless building” – Nacional

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About twenty residents of La Cisterna chained themselves this Wednesday to the Stumps building, called by them as the “lawless building”, to protest against the constant acts of violence registered in said area, blaming the mismanagement behind the presidential candidate Franco Parisi.

Joel Olmos, mayor of the commune, explained to 24 hours that residents must suffer various threats, acts of violence and mistreatment by people inside the property, but that the real estate company cannot take action due to Parisi’s intervention.

The authority detailed that on April 24, a Lawsuit for $ 12,520 million against the standard-bearer of the People’s Party, given that “He was the one who agreed to the Cerro Colorado real estate company to finance the project, promising them 50 months of lease for them as well as a purchase option.”

“However, when it began to operate, there was a unilateral charge materialized by Parisi’s cousin, where they forcibly took over the administration, leaving Cerro Colorado out of business, for which he was sued,” he added.

Olmos complemented that on July 9, The Local Court of La Cisterna ordered the Royal de Parisi real estate agency to return Cerro Colorado the administration of the building, including accounting books, workers’ payroll and certificate of payment of contributions.

However, the defense of the candidate for La Moneda “decided to appeal to the San Miguel Court of Appeals to reverse this measure. The presidential candidate, instead of abiding by justice and returning the administration of the building to the real estate company that gave him the money To build it, he filed an appeal not to have to.s the culprit ultimately of the situation. “

The mayor pointed out that from the Public ministry There were actions to stop the crimes committed within the community, achieving on May 18 the arrest of 18 people after the raid on 40 departments, highlighting the presence of micro-trafficking, illegal carrying of weapons and violation of the immigration law.


“It worked for a while, but chaos and disorder returned to the lawless building,” he said.

“The solution is for the administration to be transferred to Cerro Colorado, which financed the project, so that it establishes the legal channels to kick people out for bad coexistence.”, he sentenced.

For their part, the affected people denounced “not being able to live in peace”, noting that “we see people walking with weapons in the corridors.”


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