Health He just went out for a run and today...

He just went out for a run and today he has covid-19; admitted to hospital for fracture

Carlos was waiting yesterday outside the Xoco hospital for information about his brother, who was admitted on Tuesday night. Photo: Efrén Argüelles


Fernando Espinoza, 55, was exercising in a park in the Iztacalco City Hall when he accidentally fell and fractured his skull. Today is one more case of the pandemic and of the debate between life and death, since it was infected with covid-19.

My brother is very healthy: every day he exercises in the park, even with the virus that is everywhere; he went out to run, but he fell and everything changed for everyone.

We are three brothers and we live together in the Barrio Santiago Sur neighborhood, in Iztacalco. I was at my house when a neighbor told me that my brother fell, but since we know that they are not attending in the common hospitals, we took him in an ambulance to a private clinic on axis 3 Oriente, ”said Carlos, Fernando’s brother.

He stayed in the private clinic for four days, but could no longer afford medical careso they took Fernando to the Xoco hospital

When he entered they did several studies including the coronavirus and that came out negative; He was only serious from the blow to the head, but yesterday they came out to give us reports and tell us that he now has a coronavirus and is in very poor health.

Why if he entered with a blow now they tell us that he has that virus; that is wrong and since yesterday they have not given us more information, we do not know anything, we are already desperate, ”Carlos lamented, on Eje 1 Poniente Avenida México Coyoacán, who helps himself with a cane to hold himself up in front of the hospital entrance.

He was fine, we are fine, we do not have a cough, the flu or a headache, Fernando was infected here in this hospital ”.



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