World He kicked out a racist businessman from a restaurant...

He kicked out a racist businessman from a restaurant and …

A North American businessman He insulted an Asian family at the Carmel Valley Village restaurant, located in California. The fact of racism went viral and a Waitress who defended the assaulted received a million dollar tip.

When one of the assaulted starts filming it, the CEO remains silent. “Decil back, are you shy now?” The employee hurries. Then the man reacts with a “fuck you” and throws a “pieces of asian shit”. The worker throws him out of the place: “Go away, you insult and you cannot stay! You can’t insult like that! ” The man stands up, gathers his things and retires, while they shout at him: “Racist.” “You are not welcome here. Do not speak to our customers this way. They are very valuable.”the waitress yells at him.

The event, which occurred on July 4, received a strong rejection on social networks. The assailant was identified as Michael Lofthouse and it was revealed that he was CEO of a major Silicon Valley technology company. The brave waitress was flattered not only by word: Several users created a campaign to give the woman a reward, called Gennica Cochran. She has already received more than $ 82,000.

The video was recorded by one of the assaulted people. She posted it on Instagram to leave evidence of the racist’s face: “This is the face of the man who fiercely harassed us without causing it, without justification and in an excessive way (…) We were literally singing happy birthday to my aunt white supremacist she starts shouting disgusting racist comments at us, “wrote young Jordan Liz Chan on the social network. The employee, for her part, told ABC News that she simply did the right thing. What “anybody else should or would do in that situation”.



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