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He probably envies his current life everywhere. A darling of millions of fans who has a lot of money, real estate, cars, a beautiful partner, travels around the world. He just lives his dream, which culminated in the premiere of surfing at the Olympic Games.

Still in the waves on Tsurigasaki Beach, where the competition was taking place, he pumped his fists in huge emotions to meet his friends, who then carried him on his shoulders as the king of the new Olympic discipline. “One of the best days of life. A dream is a reality,” he announced in emotion.

All this at the age of 27.

Polystyrene meaning the way to a dream

All this less than 20 years after, as a boy from a poor family, he didn’t even have his own board and took the first “steps” between the waves on the lid of a fish cooling box.

Yes, Ferreira did not really come from a wealth of circumstances. His dad made a living reselling fish from fishermen to restaurants, which didn’t bring much money to the family. Therefore, when he wanted to try in the waves near the village of Baia Formosa, what it was like to surf like those he watched from the shore, he had to choose a very unconventional way.

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Historically, the first winners in surfing were Ferreira and Moore

“Yes, it sounds unbelievable, because it didn’t give you much balance at sea, but what, I was able to catch the waves,” he recalls of the difficult beginnings, in which he even complicated his father’s work by breaking the lid in the waves.

“He was upset because he had no way to cool the fish. But then he found sticks on the beach with which he put the polystyrene back together and could use it again,” he told UOL.

The abilities he showed in very makeshift conditions indicated that there would be something in the boy. Maybe even something special. Gradually, he got to the board second-hand, and at the age of 11, his family folded for their first new surfboard. But the board is not everything. Somehow he had to get to the races, so he went around the markets and pubs and asked people for a contribution. Again, the parents, who were saving for their son, also helped.

It paid off in two months. Ferreira managed to outperform all the competition in the first races and won. “I remember that after that win, my family told me that I must never give up and I had to go for my dream. And I went. I had it in my head and kept pushing forward. I had a huge motivation to buy everything for my mom and dad once. what they want, “he said.

Assault in which a tragedy could have occurred

His motivation became a reality in a few years and his parents now have both a house and other things they never dreamed of before. All this thanks to the fact that in his young years they bet everything on one card and invested in their son in little of what they had.

However, at the age of 11, his journey to fame went a long way, and another significant moment in the story helped her successful goal. A chance encounter with talent scout Luiz Campos, who is the “father” of a number of other big surf stars from Brazil. They both came across at the junior competition in Ponta Negra. However, paradoxically, Campos went to watch another talented rider here.

“But when I arrived in the morning, I saw a boy flying there on the wave. One jump, another jump. I thought, ‘Who the hell is he?'” He laughed at the memories of the meeting.

Brazilian Italo Ferreira

source: CTK / AP /
Author: Ryohei Moriya, Yomiuri

Campos took young Ferreira under his wing and he moved to Sao Paolo. His star has since begun to fly to the heights much faster than ever before. More and more victories came. And not just in Brazil, but all over the world. In 2015, he was already named the best young surfer.

But with success and wealth, more attention has also come. Both pleasant and unpleasant. Even so much that there was not much missing and Ferreira did not have to live to see the Games or other big events. One day he returned home after training and a thief’s weapon appeared in his head.

“As soon as I got home, he put a gun to my head and started yelling for me to go out immediately, and most importantly I didn’t run. He took my car and drove away. I lost a few surfboards, but that was fine. But the whole incident was scary. “It was in his head that there wasn’t much missing and he could have killed me. The boy was insanely drugged,” he said.

From the plane still in denim shorts for the Olympics

Ferreira seemed to be attracted to wild moments. He had a really high adrenaline rush even before the key qualification for the Olympic Games, which was the World Championships in Miyazaki, Japan two years ago.

Four days before his departure, his car was stolen in America, in which he had all the documents. He had to apply for a new passport and visa, which takes some time. Already so nervous. To all this was added a typhoon, which stretched the subsequent trip to Japan by eighteen hours.

Ferreira arrived at the beach the moment the race began a long time ago. At the same time, he had nothing. Racing clothes or a board. But as a kid, he managed to surf on a fish lid, so borrowed a board? No problem. His colleague Fillipe Toledo gave him a surfboard and set off into the waves in a T-shirt and jean shorts. There were only nine minutes left until the end of the ride, and another three minutes prevented him from paddling to a place where good waves could be caught. The Brazilian still scored so many points to advance.

Celebrating Brazilian Italo Ferreira

source: REUTERS
Author: Lisi Niesner

And in the end, he scored so many points that he won the championship and secured a ticket to Tokyo. “This moment has undoubtedly made me mentally stronger. After everything that has happened to me, I have set my head in a fashion in which I must win at all costs and show the power of my own faith and the power of faith to the very end,” he commented.

The title was also emotionally strong for him for another reason. A few weeks before the race, his grandmother, who was a very important figure in his life, died. “She was quiet, but always after winning when I got home, she said to me: You did great son. You never forgot to tell me. That’s why the first thing I did when I got home, I found my grandmother and shouted,” Grandma, look at “Now (in 2019) I will do the same, because the trophy belongs to her. I just have to shout louder to hear me in heaven,” he added then.

From a broken board to a gold medal

In a few days, he will scream again anyway. And perhaps the loudest in my life. The premiere of surfing at the Olympic Games brought him another dream come true. The coveted gold that has made him work hard in recent months.

Even at this point, however, Ferreira’s story is not ordinary and calm. It almost means that it might not be suitable for his life.

But it may have been difficult moments on his life’s journey, why even in the finals of the Tokyo Games he managed to dazzle the whole world despite the moment of crisis. Because he broke his favorite board in the first minute of the fight for gold on the first wave. At that moment, he had to take another from the water, spending a few moments fighting with the safety rope.

Five minutes was gone.

The broken surf of the Italian Ferreira

source: REUTERS
Author: Lisi Niesner

But at the World Cup, he showed what he can do in a short period of time. He had a lot more minutes here and started his own one man show. He read the waves very well, which he used to the fullest compared to his opponent. A beautiful trick followed another. All this in the difficult conditions of an approaching tropical storm, due to which the waves shattered.

He completely mastered the finals and could celebrate. “At first I was nervous, but then I tried to surf and enjoy it, because two months ago I just trained, thought and dreamed. And now I have gold. The dream came true,” he celebrated.

After all, he could send a message to heaven, and when he returned to Brazil, he could scream like never before.

Grandma, look at that honey.

Celebrating Brazilian Italo Ferreira

source: CTK / EFE /
Author: Miguel Gutierrez

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