He left out Lazarev caused mercy among fans: Show Business: VladTime


Fans saw for the first time the singer with a swollen face and red eyes.

Network users discussed possible romantic relationships between thirty-five Sergey Lazarev and 40-year-old Ani Lorak for more than a month. Fans believe that the singer can in particular divorce her husband for the love of a popular artist, with whom she has been a friend for many years. The same Lazarev has repeatedly pronounced words of love to Carolina and Instagram on the social network did not hide his feelings. However, recently the singer showed herself in an unpresentable form with tear-stained eyes. Or Sergei did not sleep enough, or in his relationship is not so smooth, the followers considered.

"Lorak has stopped?"– Fans started to be interested, because their red-eyed appearance, Lazarev caused pity and sympathy for fans. Recently, Ani Lorak defined the artist as just a friend. It is not excluded that Sergey continues to experience unrequited love. It is worth noting that the celebrities themselves have not confirmed their possible love story.

Svetlana Slavyanskaya




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