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The sad event took place in the house of Remzi Çelik, who has been living alone for a year, on the ground floor of the Şirin Apartment Building, numbered 3819 street 64, in the Merkezefendi district of Manisa’s Yunusemre district.
78-year-old Remzi Celik, after losing his wife years ago, was living in a rented flat kept by his son so as not to be a burden to his children. While Çelik was living his life unaware of the cancer he was diagnosed with, he went to his doctor in İzmir for his general check-ups the previous day.
Remzi Çelik, who came out of the room after his doctor’s examination, learned that he had cancer for three years and came to the doctor during checkups, after listening to the conversations of the doctor and his son. His son, who managed to open the door of the apartment with a little effort, found his father in blood. He immediately called the 112 emergency center. He called the nurse living in the same apartment and learned that his father had passed away when he had his pulse checked.
When the 112 medical teams who came to the scene saw suspicion in the death of Remzi Çelik, the police station units and the crime scene investigation branch teams came to the scene. The coroner was directed to the scene by the order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
After the examination, it was determined that Remzi Çelik had fallen to the ground and died from a head wound. His body was put in a coffin by the Funeral Affairs teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Health Department and removed from the scene with the help of the police.
The residents of Şirin Apartment, where she lived together for a year, were deeply saddened by the death of Remzi Çelik and said, “It was the cotton grandfather who went to the balcony from time to time and went to his house after sitting alone. May his place be in heaven.”

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