He massacres a 17-year-old teenager and distributes photos of his body on social networks

Bianca Devins (family photo) and Brandon Clark (Instagram photo)

Bianca Devins, 17, was found dead by police this Sunday morning in the state of New York (United States). It was known above all on Instagram with the nickname "escty". A 21-year-old man, Brandon Clark, was arrested. It is believed that he massacred the victim and then transmitted images of his body on social media.

The case shocked the United States. Bianca Devins had to go to a concert in New York with Brandon Clark, whom he had met on the internet. The first exchanges in the last two months, in progress Instagramaccording to New York Times.

This Sunday morning, the Utica police, the hometown of the teenager in the same state, received several calls, including Brandon Clark's. The 21-year-old accused himself of murdering Bianca Devins and announced his intention to attack himself. The police arrived quickly and saw the suspect lying next to a black van.

The suspect is stabbing his neck

As they approached, Brandon Clark stabbed his neck and took a picture, managing to transmit the images Snapchat. The man was dominated and arrested. Under a green tarpaulin, the police discovered the body of Bianca Devins, 17 years old. It had been cut and almost beheaded.

Photo of the girl's body on Instagram and Discord

Investigators then discovered that the alleged murderer had posted several photos of the victim's body that was still in the vehicle, on his behalf. Instagram. A knife was next to the lifeless girl. "I'm sorry, Bianca"he had written in the legend of one of the horrible photos.

The police also found that Brandon Clark published photos of the deceased victim on the discussion platform discord, that Bianca Devins used to frequent. In his messages, the alleged murderer claimed to be the perpetrator of the crime, taunting the girl's followers.

The platform discord announced that he had removed all these messages as early as Monday morning. Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, has also removed the account of the wrong cause (@yesjuliet).


However, Internet users have published images of the girl's corpse on other accounts of the same social network, among others. Actions that caused an uproar in the United States in the last hours, even though the #RIPBianca hashtag has multiplied on the web, including photos showing flowers to "drown" images of the girl's bleeding body.

These horrible images were unfortunately still visible this Tuesday afternoon, as we have seen. "We are taking steps to remove this content from our platforms", announced Instagram in a statement.

Brandon Clark charged

The alleged murderer was taken to hospital in critical condition, but a police spokesman said he should survive his injuries. Brandon Clark was accused on Monday night of "second degree murder", ie premeditated murder or other circumstances considered aggravating, which in this case amounts to "murder" in the United States criminal law. The mis en Cause was still in hospital Tuesday.

"Bianca's smile has illuminated our lives. We will always remember her as our princess", said the family of the girl who described him as a "Talented Artist" in a statement.

Investigators now try to understand the exact sequence of events and the reason behind this crime.


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