He played at nine World Cups and two Olympic Games. Now he won’t be invited anymore, he pissed off the hockey association by signing in Russia

What about the fact that she was in Latvia at the end of April; that is, two months since the beginning of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine; adopted an amendment to the sports law, which stipulates that athletes and officials cannot participate in any competitions held in Russia or Belarus.

Indrashis did not concern himself with this. He wants to stay in the competition, in which he has been active continuously since 2011 (he only finished the end of last season after engagements in Podolsk and Vladivostok in Biel, Switzerland) and played over 500 matches in it. Even if it closes the door to the national team.

What, among other things, the sports law in Latvia says
Article 16.1 Prohibition of participation in sports competitions
(1) Sports teams registered in the Republic of Latvia, regardless of their legal status, are prohibited from participating in:
1) in national championships and national cups of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus;
2) in sports competitions in such international leagues of team sports games where more than half of the participants are teams from the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus.
(2) Athletes and employees in the field of sports are prohibited from participating in sports competitions held in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.
(3) Athletes and employees in the field of sports who do not comply with the prohibition set forth in paragraph two of this section may not be included in the composition of the state team, as well as may not receive funds from the budget of the state administration or territorial self-governing unit to cover expenses for sports training and competitions.
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“The Latvian Ice Hockey Federation will not make a public statement yet, as they want to wait for confirmation that Miks Indrašis has indeed signed a contract in Russia. For now, the LHF does not have a formal transfer request,” the Latvian media quoted the position of the local hockey association.

However, his general secretary Roberts Plusejs was uncompromising on Thursday. “The news was quite unexpected and surprising to me, as it was to everyone else. If this is true, Miks will definitely not be invited to the Latvian national team. Currently, the changes adopted in the Law on Sports do not specify the period during which this rule is valid, so at the moment it is a decision without an end date,” he told Latvian TV.

Already at the beginning of May, the hockey associations of Finland and Sweden banned their players from representing their players working in the KHL next season.

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