He refuses to present his Covid Safe Ticket and stabs the bar owner: 15 months in prison

The Brussels Criminal Court on Friday morning handed down a 15-month prison sentence suspended for three years against a man accused of the knife attack on the owner of a cafe. On October 16, this man attacked the manager of a drinking establishment in the city center of Brussels, when he wanted to enter without presenting the Covid Safe Ticket (CST), this certificate which attests to a vaccination, a cure or a negative test for Covid-19.

The defendant was prosecuted for intentional bodily harm resulting in incapacity for work and for carrying a weapon by destination. On October 16 around 1 a.m., he presented himself, in a state of intoxication, at the entrance to a café on rue des Poissonniers in Brussels, but refused to show the CST, which had been required since the day before in Horeca establishments in the Brussels region. He pulled out a knife and kicked the manager.

The victim was taken to the hospital and was able, after receiving the necessary treatment, to return home. “My father was in shock, but luckily he won’t have any scars. We have had to play policeman for two years. We have to tell people to wear their masks or leave enough distance, when we are not not trained for this. And you see that there is more and more tension. We, the Horeca sector, are in the middle of all this. The Covid Safe Ticket is one more reason to go wild”, had denounced the son.

In order to avoid such a development in the future, the café had decided to employ a security guard. “To check CSTs, among other things. We can no longer ask our staff to run this risk. The price is high, from 250 to 300 euros per night. But it is unfortunately and desperately necessary”, he laments.

The prosecution considered that the charges were established and requested a two-year prison sentence. The defense, for its part, had argued that certain factual circumstances had to be taken into account in order to properly judge the defendant. For her, the question of self-defense, or at the very least that of provocation, arose.

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