He reported on the kidnapping of his baby, but he actually tried on the Internet to kill him and he did it


TUCSON, Arizona.– Jenna Folwell, 19, told the authorities that her one-month-old child had been kidnapped in a park. However, she had actually murdered him He had his body in a cloth bag.

The woman initially said that the alleged kidnapper approached her from behind when she tried to put the baby in the car and covered her face with a plastic bag.

The agents arrived at the scene and moved Folwell to the station to be interrogated, in the meantime they obtained a permit from the girl's father to conduct a search of her house. There they discovered everything was a sham: They found the lifeless child in a black canvas bag.

After getting an injunction, they checked Folwell's cell phone and found the macabre case there. Recent searches on the Internet were: "ways to die in the instant", "cases of missing children", "How long it takes to drown children" and "reasons why parents kill their children". In the history found Over 100 different searches on this type of topics.

The police asked the girl for the research found on her phone and she had no choice but to confess. Folwell admitted to entering the bathtub with his baby and letting him go to drown. He said he chose this way because "I did not want to hear your son cry."

The woman assured the authorities that her son was in the bathtub for about a minute, then regretted his decision and pulled him out and tried to give him a cardio-pulmonary breath, but it was too late. Then he put it in the canvas bag and went to the park to report the false kidnapping.

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Chandler police reported that when they found the baby, it was still wet in the travel bag wrapped in two blankets.

Folwell faces charges of first-degree murder. This Thursday at his first hearing in Maricopa County, the child's father asked not to be released on bail. The judge ignored his request, but imposed a rather high value: one million dollars.

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