He robs a scooter in Modena: stopped, he kicks and tests the police car

Modena, 6 May 2023 – Ha punched a man for robbing his scooter then, stopped by the police, he went into a rage. Finally the young man, a 19 year old, was arrested for robbery, aggravated damage, resistance to a public official and reported for non-compliance with the rules on stay.

Robbery scooter in Modena and goes into a rage

The police intervened after reports of a robbery of a electric scooter. The agents, having listened to the victim’s story, managed to intercept and block the robber while he was running away.

The 19-year-old, blocked, left drop the scooter to the ground and went into a rage. Once in the police car, she has kicked and head-butted the door glass rear damaging it. The 19-year-old was then arrested.

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