News "He said he was proud to be Kurdish ..."

“He said he was proud to be Kurdish …”

A violent assault took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday, rue Paul Pastur in Quaregnon. Farid, a young man of Kurdish origin, was beaten up by several people in his apartment, located a few meters from the Quatre Pavés de Quaregnon.

The reason for the assault? A live video, a Facebook “live”… “During this video recorded live on social networks, Farid said he was proud to be Kurdish despite everything we could hear,” explains one of the relatives. of the young man. “But some people of Turkish origin did not like this sentence at all. Tensions have indeed been high between Kurds and Turks for nearly 100 years.

These people then decided to pay Farid a short visit.

The young man received many blows, especially at the head.



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