He sent Umumawa to spy on the earth and its inhabitants?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Harvard University researchers are looking forward to the cylindrical globe Umumawa, whose movement, path and shape have become strange.

Researchers at the American University say they have never seen anything like this, pushing them to formulate a strange hypothesis: according to their calculations, the cylindrical object can be an artificial object sent by another space civilization outside our solar system.

In October 2017, a high-tech telescope in Hawaii identified the unknown object in space 33 million kilometers from our blue planet.

The course of the crime led scientists to conclude: this body, which initially thought it was just a rock, moved us from another solar group. They have confirmed that they have been swimming in space for millions of years. The scientists called him "Omwamwa", which means "Scout" in the Hawaiian language, the German RTL website reported.

According to the German website, the mysterious "Omumwa" object of reddish color and its skull, which is close to the size of a football stadium, have been baffling scientists since then, when they saw it approaching the sun in a rhythm unusual and very fast, which makes it different All the difference from comets and ordinary asteroids.

In a study conducted by two space science experts at Harvard University at the beginning of November, serious questions were raised about the possibility that Omumwa may be a space probe that has been deliberately sent to our planet by one " strange civilization ".

Although the researchers did not explicitly state that Omumwa was sent from interstellar space, after a careful mathematical analysis of how the object accelerated as it passed near the Sun, they said it could be a spacecraft pushed through space by light that it fell on its surface, as they called it in the research document "origin of the artificial optical beam".

According to the German site of Zeit, space scientists did not yet know where this sphere came from and what it really consisted of. Scientists have speculated so far that it is rocks or ice. But they still have to find answers to other big questions about Umumawa, such as: If he were really guilty, where was it his fault?

Matter also comes in the form of the celestial body, there is a difference between scientists, while some say it looks like a cigarette in its shape, others see it as a flat cake. His data on the telescope did not provide much information.

Apart from this scenario, which is similar in detail to science fiction films, the German site Zeit says that other scientists believe that Omumwa is one of the new celestial bodies on us, so humans have never seen anything like it, which explains all these questions. .

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Source: Al Jazeera Net


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