He sets his Pit Bull on a cat causing its death, condemned and also denounced for the mistreatment of his dog

A thirty-year-old from Lodi was sentenced by the Lodi court to ten months’ imprisonment, without suspended sentence, for the accusations of having set his Pit Bull dog against one of the cats of a neighbor, causing his death and having , in the following days, I beat my dog ​​repeatedly throwing my mountain bike at him. This second episode took place in a public park in the city of Lodi and an off-duty carabiniere intervened, taking the man to the barracks and denouncing him for animal abuse.

Just a few days earlier a neighbor had reported the same person, a native of Brindisi but resident for many years in the capital of Bassiano, for the killing of the cat. The facts date back six years and now the first instance sentence has arrived.

The man, already known to the police for other facts, continues to profess his innocence and claims that he does not even remember that he was accompanied to the police station and reported.

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