He stabbed a citizen and stole his car.. That’s how he was arrested – Ambassador of the North

He stabbed a citizen and stole his car… That’s how he was arrested

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – General Public Relations Division issued the following communiqué: “On the night of 6-5-2023, a quarrel occurred in the town of Abbasiya between the citizen: A. p. (Born in 1955) and another person of Syrian nationality, whose identity is unknown. The latter stabbed (A.A.) with a knife several times throughout his body, after which he was taken to the hospital for treatment, while the attacker sought refuge in an unknown destination, after he He stole the first car, a Honda CRV in Gordonian color.

Immediately, the specialized departments in the Information Division began their field and informational procedures to determine the identity of the person involved in the stabbing process, and to reveal the circumstances of the attempted murder, especially after the news circulated on social media. As a result of the investigations and investigations, the Division was able, with record speed, to identify his identity, and he is called: Y. R. (Born in 2003, Syrian).

On the dawn of 7-5-2023, and after careful follow-up, one of the Division’s patrols spotted him in the locality of Al-Hakour – Halba, on board the stolen CRV, where it worked to arrest him in a tight ambush, and seized the car. By interrogating him, he confessed to what was attributed to him in terms of stabbing (A.A.) and stealing his car, due to a dispute between them.

The legal requirement was carried out against him, and the car and the car were deposited with the concerned reference, based on the indication of the competent judiciary.

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