He tried to save his son by putting him on a roof. A storm surge engulfed the 5-year-old child

After an hour of wading in the water with a broken leg, Farrington, 38, saw his fins peeking nearby, he told the Guardian of Nassau. He grabbed his son and put him on a roof for safety, away from the dangers lurking in the water. He begged the boy to shut his mouth, stop crying and keep breathing, he said.

But before he could get on the roof to restrain Adrian Farrington Jr., a blast of the hurricane dragged the boy into the wave. It was the last time you saw it.

"I still remember that he was joining me and he was calling me," Daddy, "said his father in mourning at the local hospital newspaper in the capital of Nassau, where he is treating himself for his broken leg and arm.

As soon as the storm swallowed his son, Farrington crossed the debris and rushed to the other side of the roof, where Adrian had disappeared into the murky waters. He dived under water and reached inside with his hands, hoping to feel his skin or his clothes, he told the newspaper.

"I find nothing. I go back up. I hold my breath and go down again," he said. "All this time, people have brought my wife to safety and called me, but I don't want to go because I didn't want to leave my son."

After a tired search that produced no signs of the boy, he moved to higher ground. He said he hopes his son is found alive but fears the worst.

"What I saw when I lost it, anything could happen. Sharks swim in the water, anything can happen," he told the newspaper. "A 5-year-old child in that kind of research doesn't have many possibilities."

The rescue crews are scouring the waters for survivors after one of the most intense storms to hit the crushed Caribbean houses and wipe out the neighborhoods, killing at least 30 people in the Bahamas.

Officials in the Bahamas gave a reassuring prospect on Thursday, bringing body bags and coolers while hundreds are missing. Other doctors will also go to Abaco and other affected areas, said health minister Dr. Duane Sands.



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