He unveiled the reasons for the hatred of the West in Russia


Western countries hate Russia because it does not do what they say. This opinion was expressed by British political scientists TJ Coles and Matthew Elford in their book Union Jackboot: an excerpt from which the publication CounterPunch.

In the book, political analysts talk about the relationship between the United States and Great Britain in Russia. According to them, Washington is actively trying to preserve its hegemony, but Moscow is interfering with the domination of the neoliberal order.

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Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton

So, according to experts, the United Kingdom considers Russia an enemy from the early twentieth century, when countries fought for trade routes and resources. After the Bolsheviks came to power, an ideological clash began between the countries.

Another exacerbation of relations between Russia and Western countries occurred after the resignation of President Boris Yeltsin, according to political scientists. Note that at this time Russia has begun to move towards "economic nationalism", and the markets have stopped being free. As a result, in particular, new duties were introduced, which caused the dissatisfaction of American corporations.

Furthermore, experts have criticized the actions of the West in the field of military policy. According to them, US military experts had repeatedly warned that any NATO attempt to influence Ukraine would lead to the so-called annexation of Crimea. Thus, political analysts write, Moscow is not suddenly "attacking" Kiev, but is only demonstrating its reaction to the decision of the North Atlantic alliance.

"Regardless of what the Western mass media say, Russia or China does not pose a military threat, the West simply does not like" economic nationalism "and the development of these countries," said Coles.

In early November, Joseph Dunford, president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, declared that Russia in 2025-2035 would probably not be a threat to the United States. "There (in Russia – about. "Lenta.ru") Demographic and economic indicators are decreasing, "he explained.

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